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From Farm to Bedside: Global Health and Wealth from medicinal plants

The International Phytomedicine and Medical Cannabis Institute (IPI) is a collaboration initiative on phytomedicine for global health and development launched during the Global Health Catalyst summit in May 2019. The institute is independent and is not sponsored by or affiliated with a particular academic institution.

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Leading-edge R&D for the highest quality products from plants including medical cannabis
The IPI conducts cutting edge research, with product quality assurance at the highest level cross-validated at the world's leading institutions.


Education and Training by experts from the worlds best institutions
The IPI offers continuous education with certificate programs, building capacity from farm (agriculture) through bench (lab/research) to bedside (patients)

Care and Outreach

Consultation on evidence-based phytomedicines with continuous win-win collaboration outreach with industry, government and over 800 million phytomedicine stakeholders


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